Initial Driver CPC Training

All professional LGV and PCV (lorry and bus) drivers legally must hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence certificate / Driver CPC qualification before they drive for living. Bains Training Services is one stop leading Driver CPC training provider in London to train you for Driver CPC qualifacations.

There are four modules in the Driver CPC: two are the same as the tests you’ll take for getting your LGV, PCV licence.

  • Theory test is the same test as for your LGV licence
  • Driver CPC case study test
  • Driving ability test: this is the same as the practical test for your LGV licence
  • Driver CPC demonstration test / Driver CPC Module 4

You can find more information about Driver CPC on GOV.UK or you can watch this DVSA video for an overview of the Driver CPC. You can also access the HGV and PCV industry guide to driver CPC.

As soon as you’ve passed all four modules, you’ll get a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) which you must carry with you while you’re driving a LGV / Truck or PCV / Bus.

Module 2 Driver CPC Case study

Candidates must pass the case study test before they take the practical Demonstration test. Like the theory test, it is a computer based test. There are different case studies for LGV drivers and PCV drivers. Case studies are short scenarios that you may face in your daily practice. We deliver Module 2 Driver CPC training in our office or you can buy study material from us and parctice at home on your computer. For module 2 training we sell DVDs and books to read and practice.

The case study test lasts 75 minutes and covers 7 case studies, 6 - 8 multiple choice questions from each case study with a possible maximum score of 50. Candidates need to score at least 40 out of 50 to pass the test. Before you start the test, you can have a practice session of up to 15 minutes.

Please watch the Driver CPC Module 2 case study video for an overview of test.

Module 4 Driver CPC Demonstration Test

Driver CPC Module 4 training is all about the safety and security of the vehicle. It is the second part of Driver CPC. Once you have passed your Module 2 (Case study test) you will need to go ahead with the Module 4 (Demonstration test). It lasts for 30 minutes with a pass mark of 80% with 15 out of 20 in each subject. Once you have passed, you will receive your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). The card will be valid for 5 years and you will then have to complete 35 hours Driver CPC Periodic training (Classroom training).

Driver CPC Module 4 training has two different versions. One for truck drivers called Driver CPC Module 4 Training for LGV. Driver CPC Module 4 Training for bus drivers called as Driver CPC Module 4 training for PCV. Module 4 needs to be completed by both LGV and PCV drivers. LGV drivers will need to demonstrate the use of the DVSA Load Securing Demonstration Trolley. Please watch the video that meets your needs.

Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in the following subject areas:

  • Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use
  • Security of the vehicle and contents
  • Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants
  • Ability to assess emergency situations
  • Ability to prevent physical risk
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