Mulliam LGV Passed
1st June 2016, Fiona Crossland Passed her Minibus D1 driving test at first attampt.
Mulliam LGV Passed
14th May 2016, Mulliam Palha Passed his Category C Class 2 driving test.
2nd May CPC Training group
Driver CPC training group 2nd week of May 2016.
7th May Layton Burden passed his Category C Driving test.
D1 Mini Bus 16 Seater training vehicle.
C1 7.5 Ton & Ambulance training vehicle
C + E Drawbar training vehicle
Category C Regid training automatic vehicle (HGV \ LGV )
Category C Regid training manual vehicle (HGV \ LGV )
Category B + E Car and trailer training.
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